Last Light // Music For Antelopes (Arrangement For Solo Pianist)

from by XXIVFrames



Though the scientific name translates to “American antelope goat” the pronghorns are in fact more deer-like and are the only animals having branched horns (not antlers). The name “Pronghorn” comes from the odd shape of their horns – forward facing prongs. Female horns are smaller than males. In the late fall or the beginning of winter, the horns will break off to make room for the new ones already starting to grow in.

Pronghorns are roamers and like to feed off of the grasses and other shrubbery they live near. Unlike cheetahs, pronghorns have good endurance even at high speeds. Their main predators are coyotes.

Unlike deer they cannot leap the fences that humans have been putting up around the grasslands, and instead crawl underneath them. This reduction of their habitat is becoming a concern.

The most amazing part of it all is their endurance and speed. With long, skinny legs that let them take larger strides, and a large heart and lungs that allow them more oxygen, the pronghorns can last longer while running distances.





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